The Clean House Initiative

Baltimore City is one of the oldest cities on the east coast. So, it goes without saying that the housing stock is just as old.
Currently, Baltimore is seeing a surge in development on commercial and residential properties alike. But allow me to share a disparity that is crippling our neighborhoods and community.
On a Commercial property that is slated for renovation or demolition, it is required to have environmental consultants and companies:
1. Find, list and record all the known and unknown hazards
2. Remove these hazards responsibility and dispose of them at regulated disposal facilities.
3. Leaving the home free of hazards
However, these same two requirements are not the case in residential properties. Baltimore City residents are not required to remove environmental hazards unless they are planning to sell the property or rent it out. Not to mention properties that are bought and sold every day under the “As Is” category which emphasizes that no repairs or work will be done by the owners before the sale. These properties entice home buyers because of their seeming affordability but can have extensive environmental issues to the trained eye.

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